Windows 10 Pro (ISO) 32 Bit & 64 Bit Free Download

Windows 10 Pro (ISO) 32 bit & 64 bit free download full version. Microsoft Windows 10 is a significant turning point for a company where users will be able to download Windows 10 at no cost. Microsoft promised to offer full support from the entire life span of one’s device. The new OS in the market pushes boundaries of what is possible on one’s personal computer—this introduced improvements in performance and high-quality enhancement. Since Microsoft has the newest updates, this tells that there is everything for everyone. For most users, this new OS makes itself logical choices, which are painless installation, excellent performance, and streamlined user experience for business. If one has to download windows 10, then one has to know the guides that govern you in using the software.

Windows 10 Pro (ISO) 32 Bit & 64
Windows 10 Pro ISO

Requirements Of Download Windows 10 Pro 32 Bit and 64 Bit

Before one upgrades the windows, you ought to know if the device can be able to handle the new software. One should be aware of the available options for the upgrading process.

The presentation of the minimum system requirements for windows platform is the details needed to run the windows ten on mobile and desktop. The details given are the size of the screen, memory, storage, graphics, and firmware.

Windows mobile hardware requirement is that mobile with a screen of fewer than 3 inches will not cut in.

Windows desktop minimum hardware requirements are

  • Processor 1 gigahertz or even faster
  • RAM 1 gigabyte which is 32bit or 2GB which is 64 bit
  • Free hard disk with a space of 16 GB
  • Microsoft account and must be able to access the internet
  • Graphics card: a Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device that has a WDDM driver.

Features of Windows 10 Pro

  • Cortana on desktop:
    This works on one’s voice command on the voice assistant. It works the same as that of the google voice assistant. Today working with a laptop is much easier than there before.
  • Xbox App:
    The software has improved graphics quality and performance to enjoy the real-time experience. The software has the Xbox DVD feature, which will allow one to record 30 seconds of a game.
  • Start menu:
    When a person opens the start menu after installing the software, you will find the recently installed applications in the current list. One can also add quick launch applications that are in the software.
  • Multitasking:
    One can jump quickly between one application to the other with the help of this software. It is located at the start menu, thus making it easy to access it.
  • Switch table:
  • Microsoft store


One can access the software with a lot of ease. This is only if you get to follow the procedures carefully.

Download Windows 10 Pro (ISO) Full Version

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