Microsoft Office 2013 free Download for Windows 7/8/10

Microsoft Office 2013 free Download for Windows 7/8/10. Download Microsoft Office 2013 full setup installer for Windows PC. This package includes all the tools of office like Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Download and enjoy the tool now.

Microsoft Office 2013 free

Microsoft office 2013 is a version of the Microsoft office. It is a setup for files for windows 32and 64bit. Sources file will assist one in successfully install the Office 2013 for professionals. This software was first developed and released by Bill Gates in the year 1998. MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and the MS Excel are the most released Office that has significant areas of the Office. It is a product that suites Microsoft windows. This software is the successor of Microsoft office 2010 and a predecessor of Microsoft office 2016. The software includes the extended files format support, user interface updates, and support in the touch of its new features. The software is suitable for IA-32 and x64 system, and it requires the latest version of any Windows 7 and windows server 2008 R2. Office 2013 comes while it is included in Windows RT devices. The mainstream ended in April 2018, while the extended support will end by 2023 April.

Microsoft Office 2013 System Requirements

This software has detailed system requirements. It can be easy for one to know the features of the system. One can upgrade the hardware or the operating system before using the software.

This software supports both the 32 bit and 62-bit client applications.

One is recommended to install the Silverlight together with the Office 2013 to improve the online experience.

Microsoft office 2013 for personal computers is a standard system requirement.

Microsoft office 2013 for applications is the specific requirement.

Features of the Microsoft Office 2013

Office 2013 introduces click to run installation technology. It is for all editions based on the Microsoft app version. There before, only specific editions of Office 2010 was available with click to run installer technology. This was based on the APP 4x, where a separate Q drive was created. The installed files were isolated from the whole system making most of the Office adds not to be compatible.

With the new click to run technology, Office 2013 can install files just like the Windows installer (MSI) to the program file directory.

Volume –licensed version also uses window installer technology.

Flatter look of the ribbon interfaces and subtle animation when typing. This is in Word and Excel.

The Microsoft outlook has a new visualization for scheduled tasks.

Objects can be moved freely with ease. They snap to boundaries like document margin and the column boundaries.

 It can return to the last location in Word and PowerPoint.

Download Mircosoft Office 2013 Full Version

File NameDownload Link
Microsoft Office 2013 32 BitDownload EXE
Microsoft Office 2013 64 BitDownload EXE
Download Microsoft Office Full Version


Office 2013 is one of the best software to use. It has some features that are better for most hardware devices.

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