Download DirectX 9,10,11,12 free for Windows XP/7/8/10

Download DirectX 9,10,11,12 free for Windows PC. Download all the versions of DirectX from this page. It support for all Windows versions.

Microsoft DirectX 11 is in server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. For this software, there is no stand-alone update package for this type of version. One can update this software by installing the service pack and update the list. To upgrade the software, one has to upgrade the operating system. This program is include with other windows like windows 8.1 and windows server 2012. It is license as freeware for the Windows PC operating system from a component.

Download DirectX
Download DirectX Offline Installer Setup

Microsoft DirectX 11 is a property of Microsoft. It can only be available in windows develope by Microsoft, It is a free download where only some games with advance graphics require it. It helps the developers to unleash the full power of video cards for better games. Microsoft makes sure that the pictures are on time by rendering them. The problem is that it does not keep up with the competitors.

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Microsoft DirectX 11 does not take a big space of the RAM. This means that it does not delay the computers startup time, and it does not slow down any process on the computer. In case of anything, it stops the games from taking more processing and rendering power than they require.

Features of Microsoft DirectX

Below are the main features of Microsoft DirectX 11

  • Its tessellation is enabled
  • It has a shader model of 5.0
  • It has a direct compute of 11
  • Its multi-threading is high enough
  • It has a high HDR texture compression
  • It has a smooth animation
  • It has a beautiful 3D rendering
  • Its graphic rendering helps it to look like the real-life effect

Requirements of Microsoft DirectX

The operating system should be known that is Windows XP, 8 and 7

  • It should have a memory of 1GB
  • The hard disk space should be sufficient that is 100 MB
  • The processor should be of high speed which is 1.5 GHz

Download DirectX All Versions Offline Installer Setup

DirectX 12Download DirectX 12
DirectX 11.2Download DirectX 11.2
DirectX 11Download DirectX 11
DirectX 9.0cDownload DirectX 9.0c
DirectX 12 Offline Installer Setup Download


DirectX is well known by the ones who have an interest in game. It is a product of Microsoft which comes when it is pre-install with the Windows OS. If it is out of date, it can be update to the latest version after installing. DirectX application program interface is designe for the best quality experience.  This software comes while installed in the previous versions. Since installing this software is easy, the person installing it should have all features and requirements at hand. More Info DirectX All Versions.

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